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Spicy Herbs and Beef Salad

Asian food is my comfort food. Most dishes originated in the Far East are quick and simple to make, the flavours and ingredients are pure and light and I also love the kick the spices give. They revive me.


One of my old time favorites is a salad I named Spicy Herbs and Beef Salad. I have wooed many friends and lovers with this recipe and it’s widespread in my network by now.


The list of ingredients might seem long, but don’t let that daunt you: the recipe itself is very easy and quick to make.

Ingredients (for 4 people):

Rice (I use plain white rice for this, but I think brown rice or red yeast rice will also work)
A bag of lamb’s lettuce (around 200 grams)
A bunch of coriander
A bunch of basil
A small bunch of mint
One cucumber
Two (sweet) red peppers
Two limes
One chili pepper
Two garlic cloves
Beef (around 500 grams. To make it easy for myself I usually buy already sliced beef)
Salty soy sauce (I use Kikkoman)


1 – I start with marinating the beef in the juice of one lime, six tablespoons of soy sauce and the squeezed garlic cloves. Leave it in the fridge while you prepare the rest
2 -The juice of the second lime is used for the dressing of the salad, mix it with another six tablespoons of soy sauce and fine sliced chili pepper (remove the seeds). Put this dressing aside for now.
3 – The next step is cooking the rice. (If it’s finished before the rest of the dish I take the pan of the stove and stuff it on my couch with a little blanket over it to keep it warm. My Indonesian father taught me this.)
4 – Then I toss all the green stuff in a big bowl. The most attractive thing of this salad is the fact that all the herbs are used as salad leaves.
5 – I cut the cucumber and sweet pepper in thin slices and add them to the bowl
6 – In the end I fry the beef in a very hot pan. It is ok if juice comes out while doing this. I use it as gravy.
7 – Toss the meat and its gravy in the salad bowl, top it with the marinade you made at step 2. Mix it all together
8- Serve the salad on top of the rice in bowls or deep plates. I love to eat this dish with chopsticks.


Enjoy your delicious meal!


Love, Sophie